Posted by: mrrx | September 27, 2005

Yarning through Tradeskills

Ehecatl : Ding 8. Rooting the bears in Oakmyst and nuking them into oblivion. The bear cubs are yellow v to a level 8 and root seems to work OK on them. Of course, he did get killed once, but it’s not really a big deal when you can run from the dock and get your corpse that quick. And, when you’re not worried about repairing your equipment.

Huehueteotl : Ding 17 TS, with 60% XP.

First items – made up several blue-recipe cloth armor items, with the idea of giving them to Ehecatl. There are a lot of subcombines necessary, creating yarn and thread to make cloth, and making padding etc. The process was uneventful other than running out of tuber strands, and getting some more from Tez.

Then he actually made the items. Burlap armor reports it is useful to a level 6 when you examine the recipe, before making anything. So I figured, OK, I’ll give this to Ehecatl; not useful for Huey given how quickly it will go grey, like in half a level. And yet the finished product requires level 10 to use. I think this relates to the difference between crude, and pristine, for the finished products. Pristine must be useful at a higher level only, and this means he has to pick up some levels before the items can be used.

So he found himself at level 17, without any other items for the two mages to wear. Decided to make another batch of ten tanned leather backpacks and pass them out. Got started on the iron buckles before I logged him out.


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