Posted by: mrrx | September 26, 2005

Sewing Like Mad

Huehueteotl : Ding 16 outfitter, with 95% XP. Learned a lot about being a tailor in this session.

First thing though, was to finish up his class selection quest. It was a piece of cake, once you knew what to do. I wandered the area between Sir Jaeger's camp and Blackburrow, and gnolls would just pop randomly and attack. Killed them until I had the required totems – no trip to Blackburrow required, despite what the quest giver tells you.

Then I go back to South Qeynos and meet an earth elemental I need to kill. It's HUGE, and Epic x4. But what you do is, go through the teleporters and kill three other elementals and this "weakens" the main one, making it killable. I would have figured this one out I think no problem, but the gnolls ? I would have gone crazy not knowing. So with maybe 50% XP I turned my attention to tailoring.

Noted that I had a "Threadbare pattern" in my recipe book at level 5, and so assumed that other patterns would be in my level 15 book. Armed with this knowledge, I had Huey make lots of tanned leather. Just a metric ton. Tanned leather is the first refine of the harvested material, the sullied pelts from the traps.

I whacked buttons until I was so bored I fell asleep, earning XP at 1% per combine, but making sure they ended up pristine because many recipes that use them, need them to be pristine. The main tools of the tailor trade are roots and pelts. Roots surprised me. But all my yarn, thread, and stuff like that is made from roots. Grabbed all the tuber strands I could find, because so many things need these items.

And eventually, I made level 15. Bought the recipe book. And no burlap pattern is in there. What ! And then, finally, I turn to the web and find out that patterns are, of all things, considered fletching. Uhhh – sure. This is just a weird interdependency thing they built in that makes no sense. It was also available at level 10.

Proceed to buy the required secondary skill books, and finally get a single burlap pattern made. Make some nice pantaloons that replace the junk he had managed to pick up as a drop. And then have him get to the reason I made a tailor – making bags. Made lots and lots of bags. Most of my alts including the littlest ones are pretty well set for beginner bags now.

For each backpack, you need a cord, buckle, and a hide plate. The hide plate and cord are tailoring and made easily from tanned leather, with the hide plate being the main ingredient. The iron buckles require metalworking skills. So ultimately I made a bunch of each component, decided I didn't want to overmake them, and then just used up the components I had to finish at 95% XP.

Didn't want to try to figure out what to make next, so he logged out just shy of 17. Good progress on the level 20 goal though.

Need to make a forearm and sholder item for Huey; and probably a full set of items for Ehecatl. That should get me a fair distance towards 20, plus being useful.

Ehecatl : My new mage made it to 7. Did his citizenship quest and got off the island. The game is much more fun when you have bags and can actually pick things up. Holding onto a bunch of tradeskill junk to level him up a bit too. Ehecatl is a future sage.

Also created Chalchitlicue, a future human templar. Had to delete Tuoni to do so. Not that that was a hard decision, Camaxtli looks like more fun as a future swashbuckler. Backstab backstab backstab! And that fills out his character list. Now to flesh out the complete set of tradeskills, or as complete as I can get, my list is like this.

Huehueteotl – Conjuror and Tailor.
Tlaloc – Monk and Provisioner.
Tezcatlipocca – Mystic and Alchemist.
Camaxtli – Swashbuckler and Weaponsmith.
Chalchitlicue – Templar and Armorer.
Ehecatl – Wizard and Sage.

This means I'm missing carpenter, fletcher, and jeweler. Can create those on my second account if needed. I'm thinking only the jeweler will be necessary.

Goals for this week –

Huey hits 20 for tradeskill and adventurer.
Tez gets to 32 as adventurer.

Need Tez to be able to gather in Enchanted Lands and Zek without getting killed easily; hopefully only a few levels will be required for that. Once he can do that, then T4 tradeskills open up. If not, well, he'll just have to keep going higher in adventure levels but we'll see how it goes. I'm worried these next alchemy levels are going to be difficult.


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