Posted by: mrrx | September 23, 2005

Transparency ? Well, no.

Was browsing Everquest 2 links and came across this post by Toldain talking about rule transparency in Everquest.

When I first started playing Everquest this was the most irritating thing to me. Here I am, wandering around in the fantasy world, and I literally don't know what the rules are. You play for awhile, and figure out the basics, but at no point do you really and completely discover what the rules of the game are.

It bothered me and made me redouble my efforts to play and really understand what's going on. And then it hit me – why, by not telling me the rules they are increasing my play time in the game!

Now I am thankful for the things that are just impossible to discover. It's about time there's a faction tab available on your persona window. But it's simply fun to discover some things yourself.

This seems to hold true across the board. So many posters in the official forums parse the results of their combats, create detailed walkthroughs and play through areas just to create documentation. The negative view of this is Sony is asking us to document their game for them. The positivist view is they are increasing our enjoyment by allowing us to create the important documentation, keep us immersed, and paying. Because writing about this stuff is fun too.


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