Posted by: mrrx | September 23, 2005

Summoner Return

Huehueteotl : Ding 19, 25% XP. Had two main goals with Huey tonight, to finish off the Bootstrutter quest, and get to 19 and started on my class selection quest. Managed both. Wandered Antonica harvesting when I came across something, and whacking the various and sundry nasties I saw.

New change – A summoner has to put one point of damage onto a mob in order to get XP for it. Silly change. Were they trying to stop me from doing this ?

  • Select mob near harvest item
  • Send pet to kill it
  • harvest items until the creature is dead
  • Loot then select new target

I still had him send out pet, pet attacks mob, and in addition I gave it a single nuke. Then I harvested while the pet killed it. I don't get what the issue might have been anyway; any mob which can be pet-soloed like this is too weak to give lots of XP. I'm still in danger when harvesting from wanderers, so what could be the problem?

Made my way to Qeynos to start the Conjuror quest. I have to get a totem from a Sabertooth Diviner, Sabertooth Chanter, and Sabertooth Oracle. I'm hearing that it is **very** difficult to get around in Blackburrow where it would be obvious to look for these mobs. I'll have to try and get into a group if I go that route.

It might also simply be that they pop if you wander the area in front of Blackburrow, which would make things much easier to deal with. That's the report from Ogaming anyway. Here's hoping.

I dumped a lot of stuff out of his packs and had the dreaded thing happen – I ran out of space in the shared boxes. Huey set out for Blackburrow with a bunch of stuff still in his packs. Next session I need to deal with that, through some combination of buying another box (one box is crude elm), moving stuff out to sell, out for Tlaloc to cook, or out for alts to use.

I'd really like one of those new Cedar boxes craftable under Desert of Flames. They're selling for 20ish gold. Uh, not at that price thanks. Even teak is way too expensive right now on my server. Tez logged in solely to deal with selling and then went out.


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