Posted by: mrrx | September 20, 2005

Cauldron Hollow

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 30, 22% XP. Tez got into a group early and spent the night fighting with them. A bunch of Freeporters and myself, we hooked up while I was killing Dragoon Warriors solo.

Nobody was sure where to go to kill things. Treants were suggested; I suggested owlbears (need em for quests, and can't kill them alone); that undead keep near the beach as well. Ultimately we walked through owlbear territory to Cauldron Hollow, completing one owlbear quest for me and leaving another frustratingly at 9/10 kills.

Cauldron Hollow was interesting, although it got boring towards the end. Lots of ^^ and ^^^ mobs, greens and blues, and we mowed em down like blades of grass. One named, who was green of all things, and didn't seem to drop anything interesting. I got very little loot but managed to ding just like all the rest of the group. The one thing I did get (armorer book), I got because I soloed a spider while I was waiting for everyone to get to the Hollow.

So we broke up after a couple of hours, and I decided to go ahead and try and get that last stinking owlbear. Warded myself, pulled with debuffs, and commenced whacking. But the outcome of killing a single one, and getting away alive, looked very much in doubt halfway through so I ran. Damnation! Tried to talk a ranger into a group and he was having none of it. Well, maybe tomorrow.

Explored a little bit more, and found the area with Asilian fairies. Killed three of the four diviners which I needed when I noticed the late hour and logged off.


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