Posted by: mrrx | September 16, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : Ding 29 mystic. Finished up a few more quests, made my way back to Bone Lake, and got asked by that constable to deliver a message in Thundering Steppes.

Took out the piranhas for the meaning of life quest. The water combat just makes so much more sense now! While walking along the bottom of the lake, I found one, then got an add. And I simply ran out of the water to break the encounter. No flying fish chased me. Eventually, I got the three I needed. I also found the spot where the Sullian Fairy Queen resides, and took out four of her guards to progress that quest. Only two are up at any particular time, so what I'll do later is come back, take down the two that are there, and wait until they respawn. They come back fairly quickly, 15 mins or so.

Finished off my cataloging and got another book for my house. I think I should just sell these things. Like I'm ever going to move out of my inn room, so all these status point reductions are useless. I took out maybe 7 patchwork men as well, with no quest updates, before I got tired and logged off.

Tlaloc : Ding 15, plus around 20%. Did some running across Antonica working my way through the Bootstrutter quest. Polished off several quests along the way, and did turnins for several other quests to push me over the top. Tlaloc is just a blast and easy to play.

One problem – already, half or more of his equipment is pinkeded out. Now if I understand the changes correctly, nothing pinked out actually helps with mitigation. So time to either quest up some new stuff or (horrors!) buy new equipment off the broker. The good thing is his two-handed maul is still ok; his fistwraps are pink, with his other dual-wield-weapon still white.

Tuoni : Ding 7. Backstab is fun. Maybe I'm going the wrong way with this guy – I should probably make a rogue or something instead.


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