Posted by: mrrx | September 13, 2005

Making Essences

Tezcatlipocca : About 50% alky XP. Went into the workshop to try and make some potions, and I notice that my potions require patterned glass and sealed poison vials. None of these things are for sale, nor are there any recipe books I can find. A quick google turns up the book, something called "Advanced Apothecary" recipe books, on sale for the low low price of 75g or thereabouts. Yikes.

Or you can just level up a jeweler and get the same recipes, which I just might decide to do.

Instead of this, Tez made many white recipes for fighter essences. He got a nice amount of XP for this, and costs were pretty low. I kept a monk art for Tlaloc, and put the rest up for sale on the broker. My costs are really low, and I was able to undercut other people by 50% and still make a big profit. If they don't sell, well, they don't. I can cut the price way down as I basically made the things only for XP anyway; cover your costs and you're good.

What a screwed up tradeskill, when you can't think about making money with it.

The tradeskilling was interesting at least. Instead of trying to stay awake, I was trying my hardest to keep the quality at APPIV. Some of them were really dicey, and one only completed because I managed to get a Flawless Chemistry event. I was hoping for some discoveries but I got none from any of these items. Someone else must have picked them up, either that or if you purchase them from vendors that counts.

Tlaloc : Ding 14, 70% XP. Closed out several more Antonica quests, and worked a bunch of them inside of Sayer's Outfitters. I think they must have upped the success rate on the Bow for a Beauty quest, because I had my earthcrawler legs before I knew it. Last go around, with Tez, it took literally forever to finish the quest.

It's fun fighting with Tlaloc. I mash quite a few combat arts and try to maximize my HO's as I go. This is as compared with Tez who finds it a bit hard to fight and mana-intensive. Well, we'll see how things go later.


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