Posted by: mrrx | September 13, 2005

Anticipating LU #13

The combat changes are going live. Along with tons of other tweaks and fixes, nearly all of them good. This one might be very interesting.

Combat changes include –

  • Priests no longer receive parry. Bummer. I'll miss that quite a bit.
  • Wards apply damage after mitigation. Maybe I'll actually use them now when soloing. Up til now, to use a ward required too much mana and too long of a cast when soloing.
  • Priests should, supposedly, be able to do more damage. Thank goodness, because Tez is a 98 lb weakling in the DPS department.
  • Spells don't require more mana when you upgrade them. IE – Smite APPI and APPIV both have the same power requirement.
  • Slows should be more useful.
  • Combined, it looks like Tez may actually use more of his spells than he did under the old system. It used to be smite, smite, HO. Contagion, cold fire, HO. Mix in a grey wind on any opponent vulnerable to cold like zombies. Now I can ward – the main thing my class does – and debuff.
  • Now, supposedly, a heroic opponent won't be soloable. A grey opponent shouldn't kill you. Nice to see better balance, even as I was never one who could fight anything tougher than yellow. The new con system sounds great too.

Things which I'm noting with interest –

  • Removal of patron system – Now, when you turn in those status items, do writs, or complete heritages, your guild gets some XP. This is big stuff for me as I've done none of these, and deliberately held off completing heritages because I want my guild to get the XP. And then Tez's guild goes and hits level 30 last night!
  • No more water creatures chasing you onto land. Man, that was annoying and strange.
  • Faction standings tab. This was always a mysterious thing, in both EQ1 and 2. You never really knew where you stood with the various groups and peoples, and now you will. The tab worked well when I saw it on Test.
  • Now you can be a hero. Encounter locking has been relaxed. If I see someone getting blasted, I can heal them in the middle of the fight. I can even help by whacking the mobs myself. Thank god – it was really annoying to watch someone run past you or die in front of you, and just shrug your shoulders and let them die. Can't help anyway, even under the new rules ? Well at least you can rez the poor soul now without grouping.
  • Dueling. No damage or debt, and you can actually bet on whether or not you will be successful in the duel. I like the idea. It's totally voluntary, and the biggest reason I never dueled before was a simple one – why ? Just for bragging rights ? Now you can bet which might make things a lot of fun.

Now this is something I'm looking forward too. Level 50 expansions? Please. This actually affects the lowbies and non-level-focused types like myself. I'll be checking things out in earnest tonight.


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