Posted by: mrrx | September 6, 2005

Grillin Fish

Tlaloc : Ding 25 provisioner. Tlaloc made yet more black tea, and bought yet more leaves on the broker to make still more tea. Time to sell some of that stuff and make sure it actually is sellable.

Also grilled up a lot of seafood. Went through three stacks each of mackerel, and crayfish, and got them cooked up which is the first expected level of cooking for them. I think the next recipe requires marjoram which will mean I can't make that many of them.

Just before writing this post, bought yet more T2 items to make and sell, for only a few coppers. It really works well, as I'm getting XP for the top combines, plus I expect to sell the stuff for a good profit even though I'm purchasing off the broker.

Also mapped out on paper an alt course to get me to 24 different professions between Test and Live. I'm feeling a real hankering to play an evil dwarf. Got as far as mapping out professions by server; did not work on what race the professions should be. So far I've stifled the urge to actually create another alt in this manner, telling myself to get on with leveling the existing guys with specific classes.

Hammerbreaker – Level 19. To become a guardian.
Huehueteotl – Level 18. Eventual conjuror.
Tlaloc – Level 13. Someday a monk.
Bonebank – Level 5 or something low like that. Necro someday.

So immediate plans include making more and more and more food with Tlaloc; and leveling alts up to 20 or so. I can't seem to talk myself into playing Tezcatlipocca, which is OK – it's a lot of fun to make food too.


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