Posted by: mrrx | September 4, 2005

Making Coffee

Tlaloc : Ding 23. 30% XP. Tlaloc made an awful lot of food items over the past few sessions. Most of them were greyed out – white tea, black tea leaves, T1 coffee, and several food items. Ultimately, he moved on to things which actually netted him experience like Black Tea, Creamed Antonican Coffee, Vulrich Pies, Marjoram refining, and rye malts.

Having reached 23 as well, he can finally make use of those fished items which have been sitting for a while in the bank. The octopus tentacles make some very-long lasting food. He's got enough stuff to get him quite a ways still. I'll be provisioning for the foreseeable future probably.

Ya just never know what you're going to find on the broker. I've purchased tea leaves for 10c, plantains for 60c, and various other miscellaneous things. It works very well to search for cheap stuff and see what is available.

As expected – drinks sell very well. I finally put a few things up for sale and what do you know, the drinks sold out quickly while nobody has bought the foodstuffs. Well, I'll cut their prices and not worry about it. The things I put up were all normal quality and in ones and twos. Basically, I had to start selling or I would have a filled up storage area.

Also bought yet more boxes. Tez now carries two teak boxes with no problem, and has filled the shared slots with teak. Still a few briarwood boxes he needs to get rid of.

I like the Casual Collective. I can feel like a god of EQ by answering all the noobs questions, it's noisy without pressure, and so far everyone is pretty nice.


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