Posted by: mrrx | September 1, 2005

Casual Collective

Tlaloc : 64% provisioner XP. Getting closer to 22. Made a big stack of sunfish sandwiches, and was amused at running out of sunfish first, before the basil. The basil is usually the limiting factor ! Also made a stack of elephant roasts which provided the XP. Bought the usual cheap stuff on the broker and turned it into food as well.

I was browsing the official forums and ran across this thread, about a newish guild which is absolutely huge – reports 1,028 members today. I was intrigued, despite the whining on the forums about random invites, and so I had Tlaloc join them last night.

It was a bit quiet. I wasn't really expecting that. There's 50 people online it looked like, and nobody jabbering away in guildchat. And only short messages like quick questions or group organizing. But the goals of the guild are pretty much my own – be casual, talk amongst yourselves, help players out, and little to no organized events. So we'll see how it works out.

I looked over the guild event notices and wasn't sure I understood all of the policies. They've turned off the logging of guild member levelling, but not the notifications. OK, I can see why in a 1,000 player guild. But they've also turned off the guild member promotion and demotion completely. Is that really such a problem? That's good information to have.

Members leaving and joining – completely turned off. Joining I understand, these guys must recruit 50 people every day. But leaving? I don't like that at all. That really should be logged at least, if not broadcast.

All the disciplinary notices are off too. Maybe it's just me, but I like to see what's happening, and I think the log info is great for that purpose. And yet, they're broadcasting when people log on and off; and doing both when they loot fabled items. I really don't need to know when someone loots that stupid bear claw or blood of the wolf; I can live with it though, more information is almost always better in my book.

I have many of the same questions about the Firm's logging policies. But once again nobody was on so I couldn't get any answers about that. Shrug.


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