Posted by: mrrx | August 31, 2005

No XP At All !

Both Tezcatlipocca and Tlaloc have been doing grey refines. Tez is just trying to get rid of mushroom harvests, and I can't stand the thought of just throwing them away – they are T1 harvests. So you can either trash them and move on, or you can do this –

Buy candle @ 4c
Buy water @ 6c
Refine the thing to coarse
Sell to vendor for 21c

Netting you an 11c profit on the item. Being the incredible cheapskate that I am, I've been chasing this 11c on approximately 160 refinable items. So I guess my profit is 160 x 11c = 17s 60c. It's quick to do; takes about two "cycles" of tradeskill – and it gives a chance to get a Favor of Innovation event, so it's hard to resist. Despite the fact that I probably get more money killing things around my level.

Tlaloc on the other hand, is making food perhaps for vendor sale, or perhaps for vault sale. Frog legs and flounder, basil and sunfish steaks, nutmeg and cakes, all with an eye towards selling them on the broker. These take a bit longer but are all-in-all pretty quick. Tlaloc's profit margin is even better – his costs are sometimes 7c, and sometimes 2c, with the vendor sale price the same at 21c.

I'm going to put the lowest level foodstuffs on the broker at 50c and see if anyone wants to buy them. Spent a lot of time shuffling items back and forth between characters, and buying cheap stuff on the broker.

I did get my plantains from my guildy. I was lucky to see her – nobody has been on for the past three days. I know where this is leading – The Firm is becoming an inactive guild. Time to check out my options and see what else is out there. It's a bummer cause some of the people were really nice – but they're not on anymore for whatever reason. And I'm certainly not going to hang around, I did that in EQ1 and it ended up being stupid.

This is one of the weird things about an Exchange Server. Did someone decide to just….. sell their characters ? Will leader Aenin reappear at some point and be, I don't know, Aenin the 2nd ?


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