Posted by: mrrx | August 24, 2005

Desperate Butterfly Search

Tezcatlipocca : Spent an entire evening in the Oakmyst Forest. Trying to collect a violet striped butterfly. Operating off the statements of others that "You have to collect it yourself, you can't buy it". But ultimately, I could not find the stupid thing, I went to check the broker anyway, bought one for 25 cp, and the quest updated.

Collected a full set of bags of T1 items. Some pelts and meats – mostly herbs and food. Enough metals to make poison vials and glass bottles. I should be good to go for a big discovery session next time I log in.

Gave away lots of butterflies to various low-level people. Tried to help some people who didn't respond, either because they were rude or they just didn't understand how the game chat works. Some people took things and ran off. Some were jumping up and down about how awesome it was to get the stuff. I was amused at the variety of reactions I got to walking up to people and saying "Need some butterflies ?".

Ran off and did the turnin for the butterfly. Now, Ms. Laceleaf wants one more butterfly which I had in my possession. To update the quest, I found someone and gave the yellow butterfly to him, then he gave it back to me. Ran back to Elowys and the quest finished. Reward : 10 slot bag. Yawn. No trade, no value, and smaller than every other bag I own. And of course, now she wants something else – moths. Well, I'll tackle that another time.

Finished up the night getting three discoveries on a T3 potion. I'm surprised, but someone already made the pristine version. My bank is almost full with various harvests, mostly foods of three tiers, and herbs. Time to clear things out and work my way towards #1 in discoveries, if I can actually pull it off.


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