Posted by: mrrx | August 23, 2005


Tezcatlipocca : Short session. Ran around Oakmyst for a long time, picking up ?'s, and harvests. Forgot to harvest the mossy stones, which I need to do the T1 potions, but otherwise got roots and gardens. Got quite a few harvests – it took me about half an hour to get that Laceleaf chick her striped violet butterfly.

Headed out quickly to Thundering Steppes to find out what I need to get for her next. Turns out, the butterfly I give her has crooked stripes. Can I get her another one, PLEASE ? Sigh. I make my way back to Oakmyst and look around for a bit, then log off.

By the time I'm done with this, I'm going to get a bunch of newbies through their butterfly quests, and have tons of material to make potions chasing after T1 discoveries with. Thanks to Eq2center, I finally have a way to ask "Hmm. What can I do with this harvest?" with their recipe component search feature.


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