Posted by: mrrx | August 19, 2005

Quest Completions and Stilletto

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 28, 14% XP. Logged in right in front of the centaur camp, and noticed a ratonga mob nearby – and it was Stilletto, of the famous heritage quest. Gathered up a couple of helpers and we whacked him. Too bad, I didn't win the lotto for his orders which start the quest, but that's OK. Stilletto is a wuss, we took him down with no problem being mystic, fury and warlock.

Then finished off 4 of the 6 Far Seas Requisitions, with one not turned in yet. It was fun trying to get the centaur ale – there is a mug on a table in the centaur camp on the griffon plains, surrounded by ^^ centaurs. I ran in and grabbed it, getting beat on all the time, then ran out and managed to survive the encounter. I didn't survive an earlier attempt, at the Coldwind Cove camp though. Well, die and learn.

This leaves only Amazon Sharpshooters to be taken down. Now the rumor is, there are only about 3 or 4 of these bad girls available and they are on a 15 minute spawn rate. I've killed three of them already without a quest update, and so the update is a rare one. I really don't want to wait around forever to get this one, so I just decided to wait until this goes grey or I get different information.

Made my way through the Steppes, and upon reaching those griffin plains, I noticed I was at 98.5% XP. Killed some random creatures while harvesting to get the level. Then beat feet over to the docks and did my turnins for the requisitions. For five of them, you get about 12% XP at 28. Not bad, plus one or two of the rewards were upgrades.

Tried to do the Zek passage quest, and got the first part completed – three Deathfist orcs pop and they were no problem for me. I think they're the first orcs Tez has killed. The second quest starts in Antonica, where you have to protect the Sails brothers from Gwar the Bad. This big guy is a ^ mob, green to me, with two helpers. He might be an undercon, but in any case they were too much for me so I ran like a scared kitten. Survived with only a sliver of red – phew !

With that, I ran back to Nettleville and banked, then picked up a new tradeskill writ. I do this constantly, trying to get potion creations, and finally hit one. Got started making tempers etc for the vials before I logged off – 90% TS XP.

Next steps for Tez should include tradeskill grinding, making things out of all that mushroom junk he picked up, and doing the Butterfly Collector quests in Oakmyst which will give him more raw material for T1 discovery hopes. Even though each day I let pass makes those less and less likely.


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