Posted by: mrrx | August 16, 2005

Still grinding quests

Not much to report today.

Tezcatlipocca : Continued and progressed some of the Far Seas Reqs. The crab one is finished; the second crabby one requires one more crab, and 12 irresistable sirens which I'll need to find. Picked up 6 of the 12 elder hawks necessary, and 10 of 12 centaur archers, along with several more marauders.

Then my bags filled up. Now I'm a little worried about just emptying them, because of the gathering required for these Far Seas quests. So I took out most things but for once, did not empty them on a trip to town. Completely filled my vault, which is a rare instance. Got my house vault working, and apparently offline selling is back up. Or not. Or the broker isn't working correctly. I'm not sure anymore. What I do know is I sold several items over the course of the day Monday. Plus I was unable to buy certain items from the broker.

Logged out irritated at the whole thing. Stupid broker and selling. Stupid quests where you have to pick mobs out from a crowd. Stupid quests that don't update every time (yeah, I know I have said I liked them that way but tonight it got on my nerves).

Tlaloc : Did some banking and got three new bags, 10 and 14 slotters, to replace the crappy 4 slot bags he had been using. Then started exploring the map, that is, removing the black from the map. Got started on the bind point quest, and logged out just before making it to Sir Jaegar's campfire.


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