Posted by: mrrx | August 15, 2005

Tlaloc’s Guild

Tlaloc : Ding 11, then 12. 70% XP. Had Tlaloc move on to his next big bunch of quests, in Oakmyst Forest. Got several progressed, and collected a bunch of T1 Herbs and food, when he got a random tell asking if he wanted to form a guild. What the heck.

Went to Qeynos Harbor as a group, saw Mr. Fowler, and we were a guild. Took a bit to do as I was #5 and they searched for awhile for #6. You can't create a guild unless you have a minimum of six group members. So there we were – a brand new guild. Our guild leader made everyone officers and patrons, and we took off and did our own things. Didn't hear a peep from anyone after that.

So maybe I'm now in one of those "We want a guild" guilds, where all the trappings are there but people don't help each other out or talk. Which is OK I guess.

Finished up almost all of my other quests in T1 areas – I believe I still need putrid vermin in Down Below. So headed out to Antonica and did some easy quests. The total XP earned from quests was just phenomenal – approximately a single level. Logged out in Sayer's Outfitters.

Tlaloc needs to get back to a bank and give Tez his T1 items. Maybe I can get him more discoveries from all those recipes.

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP. Finished off the Rock Hound quest, and continued to progress the Far Seas Reqs. Stood in the dead river and pulled the rock heaps one by one, took down probably 20 or so for the two agate stones required.

I'm so getting a grinding irritated feeling completing these things. The remaining tasks include hunting elder hawks, only available on a small area in the extreme south of the map; Steelhoof marauders, in the same area; carrion gorgers, who are tough to catch without also catching 4-5 blue con skeletons; and some kind of siren which I haven't found yet. It's tricky to just catch the particular mob you're after, you almost have to keep areas clear which makes it even harder.

Hopefully I can finish off the carrion gorgers soon. In the meantime, I made my turn in to Minty Frostbeard, so as soon as I want I should be able to pick up my DWB and finish the heritage quest. I also took down many centaurs, but got no spirit. The good news is, the spirit is the final remaining thing I need.

And feeling frustrated at that point, logged off and played Tlaloc some more.


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