Posted by: mrrx | August 12, 2005

Grinding quests

Tezcatlipocca : 40% XP or so. Wandered the Steppes working quests. Made many updates to quests, and completed the giant language quest, so the next thing I do naturally is go talk to Obsid Boulderboom and get the Little Tarby Lost quest.

Now the bear is marked on my map, so I found him easy and it turns out you can talk to him. But once you talk to him, you spawn a bunch of yellow-con wolves that you then have to fight. Solo, at 27, was not going to happen so I ran quickly. I'll need to pick up a group for that.

Then I filled up my bags, and called back to Nettleville. Offline selling is still disabled – very irritating. Emptied my bags into the bank and logged, planning to get Tlaloc to give him food.

I'm really sick of the lore and legend quests at this point. I need a spirit for both giants, and centaurs. Never get any update, and by all reports you just have to keep killing until they show up. I need one or two other items for each one, but I can buy them on the broker (once its back up!). The rest of the quests are fun but long and involved, so I just have to suck it up and keep going.

Next lore and legend is Treants too – sigh.

Tlaloc : 50% XP. Tlaloc worked his list of quests in the Forest Ruins, accepting a single death in order to catalog the necessary creatures there. You have to catalog a ruins skulker, which is found easily outside the ruins, although I had to run like crazy after the catalog "spell" was completed; and two different things inside of the ruins themselves.

The first one was easy, although its name escapes me. The second one is deep within the ruins, the Devoted Follower, and I didn't feel like trying to fight my way through. So I ran like a madman, got the catalog, and tried to run out but died. Ran back through again to recover my shard; if you run *fast* then its possible. Its not a big deal at all, dying like that – you get some level 10 debt that is easy to work off, and pay a few coppers for equipment repair.

Then had him run and finish off quests (nice equipment upgrades from them), and put food in the bank. After he was done with all that, though, it got late and I had to log.


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