Posted by: mrrx | August 9, 2005

Far Seas Reqs

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 27. Now after I ding, I try to check my achievements page. I got a surprise when I looked at the levels page. Not only have they converted my levelling dates (when you move to Shadowhaven they claim everything will be lost – not so), but I am number 1. I got all excited seeing that, but it's not so. I think I'm the first mystic to achieve level 26 and 27 on Shadowhaven, which is cool, and makes more sense than me being the highest level mystic on the server.

Went to Thundering Steppes, and filled up on Far Seas requisitions. For whatever reason I had not done so, and then start to complain that there aren't any quests left to do. Well, duh, if you don't accept all of them that's true.

First one I tackled was a seafood order – gather fish, kill fish, and get 6 purple octopus tentacles. I had to have killed 40 octopi and only managed to collect 5. No more octopi left in the water after my killing spree, and I wanted to finish this one or I would forget, and get rid of my fish. In the meantime I headed over to Nektulos.

Finished off the Rings that Thirst quest for a really nice ring to replace a grayed-out one. Killed off Nerius Fiddlers for a bit and while I didn't get a palladium torque, I did manage to get something else, Gold Agate necklace I believe, to replace another grayed-out item. Collected all the crab shells for the Maid in the Mist quest, now need to get Ash Owlbear spinal cords or somesuch. Also got most of the spider fangs needed for another, and finally got the treant lore-and-legend quest started.

One quest that threw me was the Rock Hound and Repair quest. It asks you to gather something like five agates to progress it. No problem, I harvested several of the stones to grab a few. And then I realize I'm getting agates but no quest update. Spoiler sites hint that you need to kill the rockheaps, and perhaps other mobs in the Steppes, in order to advance the quest, so now I know what to do next.


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