Posted by: mrrx | August 8, 2005

Confused & Exhausted

Tezcatlipocca : 90% XP. Got the final quest item for Dwarven Workboots while in a giant group, along with an additional idol and some updates for the lore and legend; and did miscellaneous other things in the Thundering Steppes before realizing, I was bored with this. What to do, given that I want to get him to level 30 ?

So had him go over to Nektulos. It's pretty cool when you enter the forest from the Thundering Steppes side. The beach is covered with mist, there are a load of quests available from NPC's in the area, and the Nerius Fiddler is rumored to drop the Palladium Torque so I went ahead and worked the beach area. Did not manage to get off of it until logoff.

Ready to start the Strange Black Rock quest. I need to get something from a sunken ship inside of the Thundering Steppes. But I'm holding off on completing DWB until the new guild system goes live; I want my contribution to count.

Too much work. Better quality postings once sleeping normally again.


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