Posted by: mrrx | August 5, 2005

Jumping and Brawling

Tlaloc : Ding 9, then 10. Tlaloc didn't start off the night in the traditional way.

I fired up the game while my daughter (almost 5) was still up, and planned to run him around in Qeynos doing quests. She wanted to get involved. So she sat in my lap and we actually did goofy things in the game together.

I ran him around, and she pressed the jump button. Next I jumped into the water in Qeynos Harbor; for whatever reason that was an absolute hit with her, she laughed so hard. So I spent maybe 15 minutes running around, jumping into the water and performing various dives.

It turns out you can run off of those ramps in Qeynos Harbor, the shipbuilding constructions, and get into the water. There's one which it was easy, and another where you had to time it just right to make the water or you get hurt. We got pretty good at it before I put her to bed.

Then did the quest work, and finally got to the point where all my quests have as a next step, some Qeynos-area T1 zone. I picked the caves, since by this time I was level 9 and had received the fighter training quest. It was pretty cool to wait and build the quests up like that – every thing I killed, updated a quest. The cave serpents updated like 4 or 5 quests all by themselves.

But ultimately I finished the training quest step in the Caves, then went back to South Qeynos and finished off the Brawler Path quest. Now I know what that big building is for, the middle row all the way east. I went inside, bowed to my opponent, and whacked him with a sledgehammer until he was dead. At the end, I meditated at an altar and became a brawler.

So what happened to doing discoveries ? I'm fickle I guess – the idea bored me tonight. The hard part being getting ahold of the stuff to do it, especially if the recipes are grey.

Tezcatlipocca : Had enough time to deal with inventory and selling, then to run out to Thundering Steppes.

Found one of those very large herds of antelope, including several mature ones. So I did the old engage-kill some-run away tactic, which gives me chances each time to update the quest, and after I return to the herd after running away, the mobs I want repop. I did this maybe three times and got the quest update. Now all that remains for the DWB quest is to kill giants and then be patient.


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