Posted by: mrrx | August 3, 2005

Slow night

Huehueteotl : 45% XP toward level 19. Huey wandered Antonica and picked up all the harvests he could find. Wanted to concentrate on mushrooms but that just didn't work too well – there aren't that many. So had him clear entire areas as much as possible and picked up every mushroom that spawned first. Have an entire stack of sycamore; still need more of most of the other harvests.

Pet whacking greens while I harvest works very well. That was good for 10% XP and also netted me an adept book. He also took care of wanderers who snuck up on me while I'm grabbing nuts and fruits.

The bad news being I doubt I'll get to crafting tonight. I still want him to fill up his bags first before giving things to Tez. To say nothing of having Tlaloc do some harvesting and XP'ing and questing in T1 zones to the same end. Unfortunately, too much work in the Real World interfering with gaming right now too.


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