Posted by: mrrx | August 2, 2005

Tezcatlipocca = Spammer

Tezcatlipocca : 85% Alky XP. Had Tez sit down and make a few insufferable anguish potions. Then something funny happened – it turned out he got a server discovery for making the Q3 version of the potion.

Intrigued, I made the Q2 version – and got another discovery, and another for the lowest level. Next, I pulled the beetleweed out of my bag and started making those one billion liquid combinations, and got server firsts for nearly all of them at T3. So he spent his night making nothing but potions, but instead of doing it to grind XP and money, he's grinding discoveries.

Guildies complained, half in jest and half kind of annoyed, about the discovery spam I was throwing out. I ended up sucking up 25% of the guild event log, which really sucks and was not what I was intending to do. But I did want to grab the server firsts because, well, it's cool to have that. And the guild gets credit too.

Ultimately when I was done I expect I had about 100 additional server firsts. Now that's cool ! Some small amounts of additional money don't hurt either.

Was going to sell a platinum piece via the exchange but heard there were problems with the service so I decided not to. And for the first time, I got nothing new to stick into my vault, and have space available to sell more things. So now it's up to how much fun/work I want to put into it, earning money that is.

Tez and Hue need to wander the world and gather some more. Especially Hue – he can gather T2 mushrooms and hopefully enable Tez to pick up more server firsts.

Tlaloc : Ding 8, and 85% XP. Tlaloc wandered the townships again and picked up quest after quest after quest. The new limit is 75 quests; still, I managed to pick up 65 quests at one point. None of the rewards were very meaningful, other than making my pockets bulge, except for one received from the Clothspinner sisters. I got a waist item out of that to fill an empty slot.

Another long session, but with a twist – I didn't kill a single thing. Now that's really cool, when you can have an absolute blast with no killing involved.


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