Posted by: mrrx | August 1, 2005

Quests and the Farmers Hat

Tlaloc : Ding 21 provisioner; maybe 10% XP. Refining raw harvests so far for T3 and holding onto the stuff. And after 21, what a disappointment – two crappy new recipes for around 20 silver. Jeez, thanks.

So decided he was done with provisioning for the moment and had him get out and work quests. The new version of the quest helper works well. You look and it tells you where you need to go by the next zone needed to advance the quest. So had him pick up every quest possible in Nettleville, Qeynos Harbor, Castleview, and Graystone. Then ran him back and forth between zones to get more and clear up as many as possible. Fruits of his labors include a stack of silver, an 8-slot bag, and about 90% XP.

What on earth is marjoram anyway ? The graphic looks like a broccoli stalk.

Tezcatlipocca : 60% XP or so. Completed more quests including Tobias' restaurant, and the Farmer's Hat. What a bummer – I was sure the Farmers Hat would be a server first, but no such luck. And the hat itself is a big waste unfortunately.

The quest is one of the worst in the game, but Deadeye still beats it. I'm sure the guy who made Deadeye created this quest too. Step one – Collect 10 centaur manes. Except the drop rate is probably 1 in 10. Kill about 120 centaurs for the update.

Step two – collect 20 belladonna roots. At least this one is easy.

Step three – kill an unearthed villager for a copy of a prayer. Now the only place I could find this mob is off of the docks, and down the beginning of the dead river. They seemed to be a rarer spawn tied in with the unearthed settlers, so I whacked every zombie-looking thing in the vicinity to get more to spawn. At 27 they are pinked-out, of course, so you're not getting any XP. Plus various aggro mobs were in the vicinity like crabs and skeletons to keep me from just standing around.

I'm pretty sure I had to kill about 25 of the right mob to finally get the update. This was especially irritating as you have the impression that you're *almost* there, just one more mob to finish off the quest. And the reward, for a class that can wear heavy armor, is underwhelming. Well, scratch one more quest.

He sold a ton of stuff, and now needs more things to sell. Time to get cracking with harvests again.



  1. Not sure what it looks like in its raw form but Marjoram is a spice similar to Oregano.–>

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