Posted by: mrrx | July 28, 2005

Short Session

Tezcatlipocca : Selling is picking up a tad. Not much, but a tad. Just have to keep at it and continue cutting prices.

I'm now value-shopping for plat too, on the exchange. I don't really expect to get anything – my price threshold is half of what I could sell it for. But it's possible that an auction gets missed by other people so I'll give it a try. Plus shoot, that's how you keep tabs on how much it's worth.

Hammerbreaker : Ding 19, 15% XP. Made no less than three expeditions into the Shattered Vale tonight. Twice I managed to draw two of the summoning mages rather than one, and died once and fled once because of it. The other time I just had to camp temporarily. Very happy with the fun factor and the XP; there must be an XP bonus in here.

Now I'm getting chest loot, but unfortunately I have better for everything except for the hat I picked up. Problem with this hat is, it looks ridiculous; but I can live with that. Someday I can just buy a nice armored cap and take care of that. Hammer need a big steel headcovering to keep his ugly mug out of sight, not a little leather skullcap that belongs on some halfling priest or something.

Planning to sell these many items on the broker. Not gathering yet – I think I'll have him gather once he gets to the Steppes instead. And he really needs to gather in T1 zones first and get up to level 9 artisan for his future career as a weaponsmith.


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