Posted by: mrrx | July 27, 2005

Now for some levels

Tezcatlipocca : Slow selling continues. But the only way, really, to get the economy to pick up is to do everything possible to start transactions. Thus anybody who buys from me, even at cheap prices, gets things moving. At least, that's what I'm going to tell myself.

And now – EQ2Players has his update. He has 7 server firsts. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be that excited, but I just find that as cool as can be.

Hammerbreaker : 55% XP. Ran around Antonica and completed a few quests. Then got started with the Shattered Vale quest.

Now when Tez did this quest he was in his 20's and there was no challenge. Hammer is very challenged by it, and getting good xp. First thing you see after entering is a level 19 one-down-arrow mob with her dog. Took her down with some effort. Then eliminated a wanderer who walked through the entry corridor.

Continued in that fashion and got out to the clearing. The idea is to get to the mages summmoning the big bad Minotaur-thing and waste them – but I had to clear the area first. Took down the guards one at a time, until I unfortunately managed to get an add on me. Ran like crazy and cleared the add; but by that time it was too risky to continue with the engaged mob, so I zoned out. 20 minute reuse timer meant that I couldn't go back in this session.

It was absolutely fun. An old-style dungeon crawl which I could complete solo, without having to have pinked-out all the mobs. We'll have to give this another try. Whacked some bears and wolves until sleep overcame me. Made half a level; 1 1/2 to go until he makes Crusader.


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