Posted by: mrrx | July 25, 2005

Server Firsts

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 26, 10% XP. One fun side-effect of moving over to Shadowhaven is that no items have been discovered. Tez now has 5 server firsts and is looking for more – not that EQplayers is updated. He got a couple from chest drops, and a few from quest rewards, so I think I want to see how many he can get while going around the Steppes. Plus as he works his way through he gathers, providing food for Tlaloc to make.

Did my kill ten giants quests. Giants are available in the open area by Bloodtalon, near a mountain pass; and in the Dead River basin area. Also got started on the giant language, and giant lore & legend.

Continued to work the Watcher of the Field's quests. I think I only have one more, where I need highland stalkers (only finding them near Bloodtalon) and lion cubs (all over those plains). And I again need griffons to defend Thundermist Village. Got the crabs for the restauranteer, now I need to get Seafood. Wish I knew exactly what he wanted – I can go back and kill crabs, or just go after anything that swims.

Most of the weekend was very successful, but note to the wise : your judgement about what will kill you is impaired when drunk. After my third death in 30 minutes and after distinctly getting the thought "No problem, I can do this" I realized it was time to quit for the weekend.

Now, I do believe I have an idea how much platinum will sell for. I'm pleasantly surprised. Involved in many auctions as a buyer, and the reason for that is to be able to track the sale price; if I'm lucky and get something way below market I can always resell it.

And so I got into my inn room and filled up the house vault with merchandise and commenced selling. However – the economy needs some developing apparently. Unlike on Mistmoore, I managed to sell only a couple of items, including a valuable severed fir. And I'm not sure how low I should go here; with a small economy the problem becomes having enough buyers, not price. My usual tactic, which is price towards the low end and cut until the stuff sells, might not work too well here. I'll just have to see how it goes I suppose, I'll have a better idea tonight.

Tlaloc : 40% XP or so. Tlaloc is finished making refuge island iced teas. Now he's got to wait for things to be gathered for him, or go out and level up adventurewise.


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