Posted by: mrrx | July 21, 2005

Gnolls Done – Aztecs Moved

Aztecs : The move over to Shadowhaven is completed. I popped onto each of the characters long enough to get EQPlayers to update and take a quick look around.

I was surprised at how many were logged on. Well, a little surprised. /who all was 100 players. Seemed like a lot of them were Isle of Refuge people though. /who all 10 50 was also 100 players. This could mean 100 players, or 5000, the command only reports the first 100. So there are plenty of people working the server.

As far as I can tell, workshop status points moved over as well. So if you earned 100 points for doing a wholesaler task, that moved over with you, resulting in some levels for tradeskill shops and resulting in stuff to purchase. The water and spices I had bought are worthless as they are available from the wholesaler. Ah well – I can sell em back with no loss.

Hammerbreaker : Maybe 70% XP, I didn't really pay attention. Towards the end of the night, finally got gnoll #500. God, that takes forever. Might be pretty quick if you can get in a good group and concentrate on it, but I can't, I have a wife two kids and a job. They were also mostly pink ones so not much XP.

Live Update 12 hit tonight, and some gnolls were slightly higher in level because of it. There's also a nasty snake or terrapede right in the entry area of Blackburrow. Lots of great stuff, like changing your bind point, guild XP from items, mobs dropping coin, and other things hit. But I had to concentrate on betrayal.

Got the quest update and the next step is Felzik. I remember this punk – he was tough to find and was often not up when I went after him. Went looking for him in his stomping grounds and he wasn't up. So I gave up and logged off due to the late hour.

Guildys convinced me to take a look at this Teamspeak thing. It still kind of freaks me out for some reason. But I can see the advantage – seamlessly talk to others through the chat client rather than do slow typing to communicate. You kind of need a headset which I don't have. And it's weird trying to associate voices with character names – and using REAL LIFE first names ! Non-anonymity on the internet ????


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