Posted by: mrrx | July 20, 2005

Gnolls again

Hammerbreaker : Ding 17, 50% XP. At first I was bored doing gnolls so I had Hammer run around Antonica and take care of quests. Did most of the Sayer's Outfitters quests and got started on the Windstalker Village quests too.

Hooked up with Guildys doing betrayal too, and we went after named gnolls again for Congurrl. Dancoed- went down under our assault. With a good priest we were able to trio it. For good measure we also knocked down the Darkpaw Fanglord. Next, down goes Sarn the Wayfarer, who is a wuss.

Then we made our way into Blackburrow. Found Crugybar and whacked him next. It was a bit scary at first as the pull was very much an overpull. Got about 6 green gnolls along with a white ^ Crugybar. Went and took down Crugybar, then the adds ended up being no problem. And then we went after Nantglas, but despite checking for him a dozen times over about a 45 min period, he just didn't show up. Contrast this with when I went after him, he was standing right there, and repopped instantly after we killed him. Sigh. So Congurrl has two more nameds to go.

After the group broke up I spent some additional time whacking pinked gnolls to achieve 400 of 500 kills. Now, the end is in sight, but as it was very late in the evening I logged out.

Checked early this morning – the Aztecs are still on Mistmoore. Maybe they mean movelogs will be processed tonight. They should note times to make things more precise I think.


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