Posted by: mrrx | July 18, 2005

Food and Dancoed of the Pines

Tlaloc : Ding 19 craftsman. The baking and brewing was going full force over the weekend. Vulrich Legs, Baked Crab, Elephant Steaks, black tea, elephant roast, vodka.

You can use vanilla to make drinks, so keep that in mind. Vanilla Fizzlepop is also used in making some nice higher-level drinks, so I made these with all of my vanilla. I would have thought this was for food, but I would have been wrong.

Also, vulrich meat – the raw version, NOT steaks – is required to make quite a few of the higher-level recipes. Most of the other recipes require steaks, so I made vulrich legs. You can't make vulrich steaks, and it seemed that you had to make a lower-level food to use them in the higher versions for most other foodstuffs, like cichlid steaks and elephant steaks. That's not correct with Vulrich meats, so be aware. Tried to buy some but the price was insane so I decided forget it.

As expected, Thyme is a limiting factor in cooking. Thyme is like gold, you just can't have enough of it. Using up my thyme mostly for the elephant roasts.

Next recipes – Elephant Roasts (18), and Refuge Island Iced Teas (19). Hahaha – they really mean Long Islands. The roasts are a receipe in the advanced craftsman books which I was lucky enough to get ahold of. These recipes should result in level 20 once finished.

Hammerbreaker : Ding 16. Decided to go ahead and get started on betrayal even though his shard hadn't decayed yet. It wasn't so bad – the first four named gnolls are gone. Three of them I could have soloed, and for Crugybar I had two partners which made it easy. The only one left is Dancoed of the Pines.

Found him early in the day and we had a group of four ready to try and take him out. Three warriors, and a sorceror. We got wiped. I'm not sure what went wrong, if anything – I think too many of us were missing too many shards. After we all went down he had maybe 1/3 of his health so it wasn't very close. Well, that's the game. Group broke up in annoyance.

Late in the evening I found him again – sent out a tell to another betrayer and his partner. They were not cautious or talkative, and immediately ran forward and started whacking. It became clear that the brawler was going to die, so I took aggro and got very close to dying too. I called for a run, and they said go ahead and run – and we blew it. The conjuror had an awesome pet which probably could have soloed the stupid punk. I did the /yell and they got mad at me for that. I was annoyed because he said nothing about having the great pet – I didn't notice either. We looked around to see if he would pop again but he didn't. Bah.

Ran around and did some easy quests out of Sayer's outfitters, and got an equipment upgrade. Also remembered to get the fallen bell quest for Antonican gnolls. Might as well get double credit as much as I can. Then I logged for the night.

Ended up with a body count of 120 gnolls. Long way to go there. Hopefully I can get guildys to help with him tonight and finish this thing up. Tonight, I should have my shard back. And really, taking out four of the five named gnolls in one session is nothing to complain about anyway.


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