Posted by: mrrx | July 15, 2005

Betrayal #2

Tlaloc : 90% to 15 craftsman. Made more "fish steaks", refined a bunch of vanilla and tea leaves, and created a few vulrich steaks just before logging off.

Why is it, that when I work the various crafts I find myself smelling things ? It's especially prevalent when I'm crafting food. I made the Cichlid Steak, and I can smell the cooking fish, smell herbs being sprinkled on top, and hear the sizzle of the pan as it cooks the thing up. I can feel my hands crushing the vanilla leaf, and smell the sweet syrupy smell as I turn it into a powder.

Or when you're doing chemistry I get this non-specific "chemical" smell in my head. And the smell of sawdust when working with the woodworking table.

I can't decide if it's boredom making you hallucinate, or immersion bringing you into the game. Maybe they're almost one and the same.

Hammerbreaker : Ding 15. Started out the night and worked some of the easy quests in the Commonlands; much better than grinding a bunch of mobs alone. Later I grouped up with guildy Ignat again, and we did some grouping to bring both Hammer and Congurrll up to level 15. Fought the sandstone giants and the tormented dead. Lot of fun. Hammer finally got killed unfortunately but that's jus the way it goes.

And once I dinged 15, I cleaned out my bank and my inn room, and we started the betrayal quest. I had forgotten who the guy was to start it, but Ignat pointed me in the right direction, and from there memory served to get me through it.

It was a big help to have a level 30 involved to pink out all the mobs in the Serpent Sewer. Rather than spending a ton of time strategizing, and trying to avoid the nastys, we just walked through and stood next to Kenjedreau. Did the little room and the cutscene and the death no problem.

Next us two shardless betrayers got towed via the follow command through Commonlands, Nektulos, and onto the steps of the Thundering Steppes dock, where I had to log off for the night.

Won't do much with Hammer for the weekend as he needs his shard to regenerate. Without that shard, doing betrayal sucks hard as I found out the first time.


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