Posted by: mrrx | July 14, 2005


Tlaloc : Ding 14 craftsman. Freewater groupers cook up nicely into steaks; as do golden cichlids. At 13 they were amazing XP, but at 14 its just so so. They still sell to the vendor for 51cp each, for a 2cp cost, so he'll cook every one of them and go from there. Hammerbreaker : Ding 14 warrior, 10% XP. Did a delivery quest and the super-easy "Find Registrar Glamis" quest as well. Picked up a guy who wanted to join the guild, and grouped with him for awhile until he mysteriously went linkdead. Whatever. Did some of Mooshga's quests, and killed random orcs. Then discovered I had too low of a skill to harvest in a T2 zone, so ran him back to the Ruins to get 21 in each harvesting skill. Got tired in there and logged him off, will finish that next session.


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