Posted by: mrrx | July 12, 2005


Hammerbreaker : Ding 12, 50% XP or so. Hooked up again with guildy Ignat and his many alts, and had a group of three wander the Commonlands. Took down some ghostly orcs, then headed off to the Wailing Caves. We were looking for a quest which gives dual wield weapons as rewards, but we struck out.

Finished up a few quests inside the Wailing Caves anyway, and got two useful rewards – a one hander, and a two-hander. So now I'm using a Doom Stick, whatever that is exactly. Did do Paulina's quest once or twice for more silver as well.

Ended the night making a quick trip to the broker – and bingo ! Two 10-slot bags were on sale cheap so I bought them. Now I have 5 of 6 slots filled with some kind of bag, which is helpful. And teak boxes are on the way thanks to guildys. What a great group – and I plan to return the favors in whatever way I can, like harvesting or something.

It's fun playing a tank again. We were mage, healer, and tank. So I got to use my aggro control abilities again, and while things don't work perfect like most of the time in EQ1, you can usually keep mobs off of the casters well enough. The tough thing being all the non-aggro mobs wandering around; I didn't want to get their attention so I didn't use my AOE taunt like I wanted to. But using my abilities, and giving them that nice nasty kick ability, kept them all glued to me pretty much despite heavy nukage and some healing.


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