Posted by: mrrx | July 11, 2005


Hammerbreaker : Ding 10 then 11. Finished up my class quest, and am now a Warrior. Same as Hatereapers but with one twist – had to follow a guy with plates of food to an instance. Much better instance – it was a storeroom, that actually looked like a storeroom. Killed off the group inside and ding.

Next made his way to the Commonlands, and the ghostly orcs. Ah, Paulina, I love you for the money you bestow upon us for this simple and XP-rich quest. Got me up to level 11 and above.

Aztecs : Had Huehueteotl gather a metric ton of items. And eventually, he got filled up. Spent over half an hour shuffling things around among the three characters, and gave Tlaloc enough stuff to keep him busy tradeskilling for a long time. Tezcatlipocca shuffled things around, did selling, and bought teak boxes off the broker – I don't think they'll be nearly as available once I'm on Shadowhaven.

Tlaloc made food. Lots of food. Food, food, and more food. If I ever see another coldwind flounder I think I'll get naseous. He made level 13 craftsman ultimately, almost all on the strength of T1 foods. Loaded him up with T2 raw foodstuffs, sold off the coldwind flounder, and banked the rest of the food. This was basically sunfish jerky, the highest thing I could make in quantity, and the various drink items I created like tea, coffee, and ogre swill. Used up my basil making sunfish sandwiches and kept those too.

Tlaloc logged off waiting for money from Tez. He's gone broke. Time to buy that level 13 recipe book and start refining thyme et cetera.


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