Posted by: mrrx | July 8, 2005

Margaritaville Knights

Hammerbreaker : Ding 9, and ready for level 10. Whacked orcs in the ruins long enough to get an Orc Killer title, then hooked up with guildies and got into my new guild, Margaritaville Knights. Spent a bunch of time just jabbering away with people I hadn't talked to for a long time.

Then a new guildy mentored me until I got to level 10. Well, until I had enough XP at least – I still need to do the quest. I think I will have Hammer be a guardian. Maybe a berserker. I can have the choice at least later. The big thing is to get high enough to do betrayal. Our guild is pretty much Qeynos based, and I kind of wanted to keep my guys in Qeynos anyway.

Got a bunch of nice stuff (thanks Ignat !) which is unfortunately not wearable yet, and a 8-slot or something bag as well. Logged off with just a sliver of vitality left. We killed the bats just outside of Commonlands main gate, which was mad XP. Had a level in a matter of minutes.

Huehueteotl : Ding 18. Went out harvesting in Antonica, and had the pet kill anything that got too close and gave XP. Long way to go with harvesting still, at least to fill my bags. I'm almost done with my wholesaler task which will mean a trip back to town to get another one.

All the Aztecs on Mistmoore are officially on their way to Shadowhaven. After all my agonizing Tasha was really pleasant about it and encouraged me to go, so I'm going.


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