Posted by: mrrx | July 5, 2005


Huehueteotl : Ding 10, as an outfitter. Ran out to Oakmyst and gathered a big old stack of items, then ran back to the tradeskill instance and got busy. Of all things, had him just do carpentry and foodstuffs to hit level 10.

So it turns out I didn't screw up the plan exactly. Unfortunately, neither did I end up able to make the choice again. I'd been going back and forth on whether this guy should be a sage, or a tailor. That ship has now sailed, and he'll be a tailor. Unless I go insane and decide the mage should sweat over a forge and make weapons or armor.

Next, created Tlaloc, an eventual Human Monk. Took him off the island a bit early it looks like – he gets to the citizenship quest and finds everything in the Down Below will kill him. I figured I would get him to level 5 in the Oakmyst Forest by beating up the mystails, and gathering what he can.

I need roots and elm to make chloro for Hue; unless I just have him go back to Antonica and do his thing there. And a tradeskill for Tlaloc is tough to decide upon. A monk…. hmmm……. what's a good tradeskill for a monk ? Alchemist would work, except Tez is an alky. Tailor would work, except that's Hue. Well planned on my part so far eh?

I could make him a provisioner as I don't have one on this server. I have little interest in carpentry or the other craftsman profession. A monk shouldn't be making armor or weapons. A monk making spell scrolls ? Please. So that kind of leaves jewelry and provisioning. Our guild has a jeweler, and if I'm going to duplicate I'd rather duplicate a provisioner. And I might want to make a sage someday, but he'll be another mage. Except I still have this interest in the Station Exchange. Jeez – tough choices.

So I suppose the plan for the week should be :
Tezcatlipocca : Tradeskill to 25 semi-afk. Or at least 24.
Huehueteotl : Tradeskill to 20 and gather in Antonica.
Tlaloc : Citizenship, and gather.



  1. I believe I am happy to see you back hehe



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