Posted by: mrrx | July 3, 2005

Many Tradeskills

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 24 alchemist with 30% XP. Even after level 24 is reached, you can still make Bellflower alchemist stuff, it's a blue recipe, and it gives about 1/3% of XP with vitality active.

Ever have trouble balancing game time with real life time ? I do. I had a bunch of computer work to do, easy stuff, but it was things I was putting off until this session.

Start the tradeskill process in EQ2. Task switch. Listen to the sounds of the tradeskill process and when they stop, you have completed a recipe. Task switch back, and repeat for the entire night.

I got a lot of work done, and a bunch of XP. Solved the tedium problem of making the exact same thing tons and tons of times; and also was productive out-of-game-wise.

Hatereaper : Ding 14 craftsman. Completed the dervish plan switch, and the Bloodskull Valley access. Then made his way to tradeskill instances for a serious levleling session.

Made all kinds of food, and ultimately had a big stack of whiskey made which brought him up to 14. Getting really close to 15 – he apparently has to be 15 before he can make the Mooshga Mush recipe.

Huehueteotl : Ding 8 tradeskiller. Made a bunch of junk – collect a ton of items and is ready to make things with them. But it got late so I contented myself with two levels for this guy.


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