Posted by: mrrx | July 1, 2005

Farmer’s Hats and Poison Vials

Tezcatlipocca : 30% XP. Spent some time in Thundering Steppes, in the large plains full of griffins and centaurs. Finished up two writs – killing griffawns and scouts – and got a bunch of quests from some guy called "The Watcher of the Plains".

Worked awhile on the quest "Farmer's Hat". Apparently, the guy who made the Deadeye quest also made this one. I had to have killed 20 centaurs for the first step, which is to gather "manes" from 10 centaurs. I gathered one mane. I'm going to have to kill the entire centaur population of the Thundering Steppes to pass this part of the quest. Well, bring it on guys, I'm determined to do all quests so let's get busy. After this step, watch, there will be another 5 steps which are progressively harder. And the reward will be some Hat of Level 10-ness. Grrrr.

But my bags filled up. Given that I started out again in the Steppes to pick up tradeskill items, I was obviously done for some time. I gated back to Nettleville, did some selling, and collected the collectible items. They've made the needed change – collection quests once again count towards your completed quest totals, but do not take up your precious 50 slots of quests. So I started several new ones, and took stuff out of the bank and collected it too. One more Erudin glass coin.

Then I looked up T2 and T3 poisons. I went ahead and bought some T2 "poison vials", and made 5 T2 poisons which I'll be selling. I'll make more if they sell, or if I can give them away to guildies. Then I bought a recipe book for "advanced poison vial" which is for T3 poisons. This one, apparently, uses the ability "Thaumaturgy". God, every time I turn around there seems to be another one of these. Not only that, but I start out with a whopping skill of 51 out of 110.

The remainder of the night was spent unsuccessfully trying to make advanced poison vials. Often, literally unsuccessful – despite everything I tried to do, I couldn't even make a crude one. By the way, if that actually happens, you eventually fail while losing only fuel components. I finally made a couple of crudes, used a lot of fuel, and ended the night with a 74/110 skill in Thaumaturgy.

Anyone know more about Geomancy, Thaumaturgy, etc; all the cross-skill books? I'm obviously missing something. I thought you bought one book for missing recipes and that's it. Yet I work on poison vials on T2 with one skill, and T3 with another (thaumaturgy).



  1. Because you went into the scholar subclass, you were ‘allowed’ to use Chemistry until you choose your main class. Now, in order to make anything not specific to your class, such as poison vials (Jeweler made), you have to use Thaumatology … but only for T3+ since you can use your innate Chemistry skill for the lower ones.

    I suggest making a bunch of T3 WORT using Thaumatology (yes I know you can make them with Chemistry too, but follow me on this) to raise your skill. You’re going to use them anyway (or can sell them) and they’re cheap/easy to make. The trick here is simple … MASH BUTTONS. That’s right … mash as many buttons as you can in a tick (all 3). Every time you hit a non-grey reaction, you have a chance to raise your skill.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes. =)–>

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