Posted by: mrrx | June 29, 2005


Created Hatecharm, a future human female inquisitor. I kind of worked up a loose and very sad story for why she became a priest, and an inquisitor. Fatherless after her dad was killed by the Overlord, and with an invalid mother, she works hard to keep the two of them going. One night, she is gang-raped by members of the Freeport militia. No punishment, suprisingly enough, is handed down. Lacking justice, she decides to extract her revenge. And the best way is by making others her puppets.

Yeah, I won’t win any writing awards, but it helps give focus to your time with the character. She made level 5 and got her citizenship. That’s all I wanted to do really – get her started, just like Bonebank, and let them start banking vitality. Room for two more characters, and I expect to leave a slot open for a testing-type character.

Hatereaper : Ding 20, 20% XP. Finished up the hallmark quest. I was slightly mistaken – I only had to hail the captain giving me the hallmark quest, and she gave me a location in the Serpent Sewers to go to. Once I was there, then I was in the instanced solo dungeon.

This instance was a real letdown, art and content-wise. It was a roughly square-shaped room with the southwest quarter cut out. That was it. It was supposedly a meeting room for the dervish bandits – and yet the floor is covered in water and there are a bunch of NPC’s standing around in the water. It’s called a storage room – and there’s nothing being stored there, no items in the room at all. I’m pretty forgiving of art, usually, but this one was just the worst thing I’ve seen in-game.

You had a script to the encounter. The Dervish Kingpin, after about 30 seconds had passed, started to run and try to escape out the door you came in. I had two unsuccessful attempts to finish off the kingpin before I got him. You see, the quest helper is telling you “Kill off the dervishes in the meeting”. No immediate clue that in fact, you have to kill the Kingpin before he exits the meeting.

So the first try was a bust – I killed all the rest of them but the Kingpin got away. You don’t get a lot of time to catch him either, and my slow reaction let him get away the second time. The third time, I planned out based on how he ran away, a way to catch him. Once he got near I whacked him with a knockdown combat art, and he stood and fought until he died. Then it was a matter of killing off the others in his “group” (there were two linked groups) and leaving alone the second one. Bingo, quest helper reports “See the Captain”.

So what’s wrong with this content ? First, the quest helper gives you slightly misleading information. Maybe this was the intent, but it seemed to fall flat. If they’re trying to get you to think on your feet, by taking out a running monster, there should be some game instance where that actually *happens* on your way to this point in your career. Never has a mob actually run from Hatereaper up to this point. Not only that, but in the heat of combat it’s difficult to see the Kingpin say “Cover my retreat! I’m leaving!”, which is probably supposed to be your clue. I totally missed it the first time.

That leads to the repeatability which then breaks the immersion in the gameworld. Just keep doing it and eventually you’ll get it. Am I playing an arcade game now ?

Complaints aside – it’s done and he’s a shadowknight now. Spent the rest of the session cleaning up various quests including the branch with Brandus, Irizian the Inquisitor, and a few others. One more fig needs to be harvested for access to Bloodskull Valley. After I get that damned fig, his next goal is to level up as a provisioner.

Funds are now about 7 gold. Ah, what a difference boxes make. Although nobody bought any of my harvested items which is a bit frightening. Not unexpected – that’s what everyone on Test told me. Nobody buys those things. I reduced the price because everything sells eventually for some price, and hope for the best.

Possible bug with “Offering of Armament”. Need to test some things out when grouped to be sure and give a good report.


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