Posted by: mrrx | June 27, 2005

Waiting for Boxes

Hatereaper : Ding 19, 10% XP. Reached my monetary goal and put in my order. Nice teak boxes should be in my vault by tonight. I have to meet up with boxmaker Purrverse and take delivery – saves me 50c !

Wandered the commonlands for a fair amount of time. Completed several dervish quests and did some random destruction as well. I'm surprised at the number of times I'm asked to go to the dervish camps – it's like, Orcs? What Orcs ?

Once I had my money and my order, I thought I would check and see if I could survive in Nektulos. My wholesaler task requires T3 zones, and it does pay a whopping 48sp if completed.

Wasn't able to gather a single thing in Nektulos. I ended up running for my life from red con after red con. And given my need to get my boxes I just figured, heck, let's go into Antonica right now. Managed the run through Nektulos, and once I was in Thundering Steppes it was a piece of cake – I know the zone well and it's not a dangerous path at all to Antonica. Even found 3 of the 15 belladonna roots I need for the task.

Once in Antonica, it was still fairly early, so I decided to load up on some quests and see where I could get. Ran to Windstalker Village and got the quests from Licha, Blarton, and Hartook. Basilisks are still too tough for me, and I only managed to gather pelts for Hartook, not to turn them in. But Blarton was a good payer.

I finished off many of his quests and got a nice chunk of silver for my trouble, as well as dinging 19. Got stuck trying to get his bait – the gnolls were one down arrow, four of them, blue con. Couldn't take them down without my HO's, which are still broken on Test.

Fought the Caltorsis undead for awhile, and got an Adept book drop – Inflame. This is one of my aggro generation arts, so I went ahead and scribed it, even though I have not actually used it in combat. Oh, to have a adept kick or one of the damaging arts that I actually use. Killing the Caltorites served the purpose also of a commonlands quests requiring me to kill zombies. Maybe it's just me – but I've never seen a zombie in the Commonlands. Had to go all the way to Antonica to satisfy the little bugger, and he'll probably reward me with like 1sp.

Logged off after deciding I shouldn't get too cute in enemy territory – and make sure I can get the boxes tonight.

Bonebank : Ding 5. Now I had already created a character named Bonebank as a future necromancer, but I had made an Erudite. Everquest1, my Erudite Necro was a lot of fun to play though he never got very high. I thought, why not ? We'll create another one in the new version.

I found one problem. I literally hate the Erudite character model. Really, most of the ones I see ( and Hatereaper has been grouping with them ) look like those department-store mannikins. I don't want to play a mannikin. I want the character to have some personality, and not look like something that belongs on a spaceship sucking up cows and the odd person for medical tests. So I deleted him.

Now I have Bonebank the Human Future Necro. Got the Isle of Refuge out of the way, but didn't do much of it. Just cleaned out the storeroom to get my bag, and wandered off to get shipped into Freeport. Got my innroom and got acquainted with Beggars Court, earned my citizenship, and killed the traitors. A full Freeport Citizen at level 5.

Saw a nasty bug – wasn't sure how or if I should report it. I fell through the world and was automatically teleported to "A Safe Place", this statue inside of Beggar's Court. From what I understand this is a nasty difficult kind of thing for the developers to deal with, and they've obviously improved things immensely – you just get teleported. Well, have to ask another player I suppose.

Wandered into the Ruins and managed a couple of quick gathers. Killed a few snakes or rats, something like that. Did some easy tradeskilling, hoping to get high enough to make myself some bags. And by the time I finished off all of that it was very late and time to log.

I probably should get cracking and make some more characters. Even as low as 5, you see the difference which vitality makes. If you make them, and let them sit, then they earn a ton of vitality so there's really no downside. If you don't like them, you delete them, and you have less worries about losing a name if you make it quickly.


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