Posted by: mrrx | June 23, 2005

Goal Check

Haven’t done one of these since Everquest 1. It’s time to think about it again.

Hatereaper : Get your gold and buy teak boxes. Start gathering & selling.
Hammerbreaker : Confirm he did not get selected for SE beta; then delete. Don’t like this guy with this name on this server with this race.
Huehueteotl : Tradeskill a bit. He’s planned to be my tailor. I may have borked that and made him an outfitter, which I think would require him to make weapons or carpentry.
Tezcatlipocca : Tradeskill to 25. Continue obsessive quest completion.

I find myself wondering how I’m going to participate in Station Exchange. Do I want to do something crazy, like move characters to Bazaar from Mistmoore ? That will deguild me as I doubt guildies want to do so. The Aztec name theme I have going makes me want to do all or nothing, if I move them. And starting another character on the server is a possibility.

I always assumed I’d just start a new character, but now I’m not sure. The tradeskilling with Tez kind of….. took something out of me with that guy. Ah, this is probably just crazy talk and I should keep the Aztecs on Mistmoore. But I honestly don’t know, and have time to think about it.


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