Posted by: mrrx | June 23, 2005

Crashes, Patches & Bugs

Tezcatlipocca : Checked in with guildies and said hi. Well, partly because the Test server went down too. Gave up on tradeskills and ran him down to Stormhold.

Was very lucky as there were people keeping the way in clear, so I had Tez simply walk down the spiral staircase looking for things. Needed to find the Underforge, the Atrium, Feign Zombies, and the Caveroot Horror.

Damnation! As I write this post, I now remember where the Underforge is – I was basically right there, at the entrance to the spiral staircase, and you needed to go south from there. And I walked past it – grrrr.

Found the Atrium, got my quest update. Found the zombies – they are blue ^ mobs so there's no way I could take them on. I need a group for that; plus I need a rogue to get the boxes unlocked for the second part of Selwyn's quest anyway. Have to try and do that some night.

But I did find the Caveroot Horror – level 20, ^^, pinked out. After a brief conversation with guildies I went ahead and tried it, and killed it successfully. The correct tactic for the fight was to use no debuffs, and no DOTS – they used mana too fast. Stand there, swing my weapon, use HO's, smite twice. Sometimes a mystic just feels exactly like a fighter, especially solo.

Went and did turnins to Hwal and was asked to go to Blackburrow and get some stout. Logged out while standing in front of the entrance.

Hatereaper Tradeskill level 11, 95% XP. Adventure level 17, 50% XP. 75 sp short of goal. Money has bounced up and down, but now that I'm finished with tradeskilling for a bit I should progress and hopefully hit the target next session – I have a bunch of junk to sell too at least. Made some silver doing a wholesaler task; have a second one in the pipe for gathering field maple. And since I didn't really want to buy another 4sp book I quit tradeskilling just shy of level 12.

Made two backpacks with six slots and now have a bag in each slot in inventory. Made some miscellaneous stuff too, then I figured the best way to upgrade is to go with the plan – make my damned gold and buy teak.

Adventuring consisted of exploring the Commonlands area part two. Y'know – there is a first map and a second map, and I got a better look around the second. Spoke to Nomad Gierasa, who directed me to Vallon's Tower. The tower is surrounded by blue undead mobs so I figured I would skip it for now. Headed deeper to the canyon area with the sandstone giants, and found the dervishes I needed for another quest. Got to work and took down many of them; logged out looking over the remainder which I needed to finish.

Test went down during this playsession, and came back up with a patch applied. Pretty messed up – but, well, that's what a test server is for isn't it ? The popup windows were all bugged and unreadable. The solo fighter HO did not work correctly; every one completed was resisted. I /bugged these two and checked – everyone else was having the same problems.

Eventually I noticed another more specific bug – one of my abilities, righteous fury I believe but I'll have to check – kept giving me "Out of range" complaints. This was strange; I thought out of range had more to do with up and down geometry issues and applied globally, but here I have a single ability with an issue. I could stand in front of the mob and hit it with everything except that ability. Need to /bug this one next session. I also had one mob "do the jitterbug" – the combat animation was messed up.

Do I need to get a life? I bug report at the office, and while playing games. Yeah, I should get a life, but I won't 🙂 .


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