Posted by: mrrx | June 22, 2005

Bonus XP

Hatereaper : Ding 11 craftsman. Very pleased with the announcement of 50% bonus XP to players on Test. Continued to work tradeskills for the night and the bonus is very noticeable. I had a very short session and yet managed to gain two complete levels.

Picked up a few random things and refined and sold them. Mostly I worked on creating elm boxes, and ended up with four successful creations each with 8 slots for my bank. Got started making a few bags before I quit for the night.

My hotbars are a confused mass of tradeskill items. When you're dealing with only a few, it's not so bad – but I'm using almost every tradeskill in the game. I have so many buttons and hardly understand them that it's frustrating. I figure I just need to get through this so that he can become a troll gourmet, then I know it's more fun to deal with.

Unfortunately – money is going down. While I do need the little bags and boxes, they are costing me. Probably those 4sp recipe books are what did it. Need about 90sp now for the magic number necessary for teak box purchases. So the plan is, to finish off a couple of low level bags for a total of 6 bags carried; and go adventuring and doing workshop tasks for more money. Wish me luck.


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