Posted by: mrrx | June 21, 2005

From Ghost Town to Crowded House

Hatereaper : Ding 17 crusader; 9 artisan. 470 sp.

In the first 3 minutes I had logged on, I get a random tell "Want to join my new guild ?" – and after talking with him for a few minutes I figure, why not ? So now I'm a member of Legion of Sin on Test. We met up and did some fighting in the Wailing Caves too, where I finally completed the Averus I quest, as well as getting the level. It wasn't the best organized group – three fighters – but we did OK, even though our level 11 leader got killed once.

I'm also a patron in the guild – so now I can feel good about heritages and writs too. I think everyone is very new at the guild game, especially our fearless leader, but that's OK. We all have to learn and this blog should sure prove that. I think it will work out well; now I'll have people to group with.

Also got communication taken care of. It turns out there is a channel where all the chat goes on on Test. It's the /test channel – who'da thunk it ? There's also a /testrade channel for commercial activity. Thank you to the forum poster who directed me there. I set up my windows so chat etc goes to Tab2 and combat etc to Tab1. Yesterday, there was literally no conversation. Today, my Tab2 is scrolling past so fast there's no way to read all of it.

Not only that – but Test is organized enough to have a bulletin board right here, and perusing it for five minutes gave me a path towards teak boxes. There is a boxmaker named Purrverse on the server who offered to make me teak boxes for 5.5 gp a pop. That is, if I'm willing to run over to Qeynos and pick them up, which is not a problem for me. Once I have another 5.5 gp I'll place the order and my inn room will be setup for selling. Woot !

I wonder how it will go selling. Test is a whole different economy, that's for sure. I don't mind the bartering small-town type thing, so I'm good either way. But at least if I have some big boxes in my inn room I can also store some of the stuff I pick up, even if it never sells. Hell, I'll be more able to actually *pick things up*, like harvests.

Got my wholesaler task completed, and found myself with crab meat and groupers. But I can't make anything from them – I need to be level 10 or higher I think. So I picked up some stuff from T1 nodes and just made random recipes for selling to the vendors. I don't think making things for the vendor is going to get me any money really – I keep leveling too fast and then buying another recipe book. It's not counterproductive, but it seems like it's revenue neutral. Now pink recipes might be a different story.

Collected more roots and elms – for leveling, and making some cheap temporary boxes – while looking for Iron. Apparently Iron is a T2 resource – sheesh. I'm already on T2 for resources for wholesaler tasks. Why I didn't realize this when fishing in the Commonlands for the other task I dunno. Well it shouldn't take too long to tradeskill up, to the point I can use T2 resources, and then I can do all my harvesting in Commonlands and not look back.


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