Posted by: mrrx | June 20, 2005

Bag Money

Hatereaper : Ding 15 with 50% XP; Ding 7 artisan. Busy weekend for the budding shadowknight.

Tradeskilling consisted of attempting to start his gathering task, fishing up golden cichlids, and finding that his skill was too low to fish in the Commonlands. So I had to send him to the Freeport newbie zones. Very hard to find fish in them. There's literally no water – I was only able to find fish at the dock in the Sunken City zone. Fished up a few things, got his skill to 21, then he was ready.

Then I had him head to the tradeskill instance, and cook up those fish. Teeny tiny profit on them so he sold them back, and came out of it with two levels. One was a double combine, making frog legs then making them herb-encrusted. Monetarily at least, that was a waste – the extra money gained from the double combine was a single copper. But the XP was good. I plan to have him cook up the groupers and crab meat he is gathering while picking up the cichlids; he has about 9 at log out.

The adventuring went well, and finished up the earning of four gold pieces. Got a surprise and disappointment at 15 – no longer can he get the orc quest for 17ish silver. Bummer. But one other pleasant surprise was the ratonga Nethet and his quest. I got 33 sp from him and a waist item. Only empty slot now is his headgear. Armed with my money I checked the broker hoping to find a teak bag.

I was disappointed. Four gold pieces buys you a 16 slot box. It doesn't sound like a good use of my money. But damn, am I tired of having him live like such a pauper ! No food or drink, no inn room, no gathering. No sales except to the vendors. No equipment except what he quests up. Still, clearly nothing is more important than bags and chests so he needs to work that angle.

Never see another soul on this server. Well, I saw someone, but she had fun screaming and running away from me – I'm a fearsome sort, and she was Qeynos based. This makes it hard to find someone to ask "Can you make me a teak box ?" even if I got ahold of the teak myself somehow. Maybe I should just sell stuff from my inn room for awhile.

Explored around the Commonlands a bit. Have done many of Mooshga's quests, including killing rhinos at 15. Want to travel back to the wailing caves at 16, and complete the stack of outstanding quests I have there. Want to head to the village with Dreg Sneaks at 16 too. At 17 I may be able to kill Marius Darkblade in the sewers solo. Still haven't seen most of the critters I'm supposed to kill for my Far Seas Requisitions; the exception being the chest creatures, which are in the wailing caves. Everything depends on more levels it seems.

Playing the fighter is a lot of fun. Nice change of pace from a mystic. Walk up and start swinging; many abilities to use. All at apprentice I unfortunately, but that goes back to the bag money issue. And just as in EQ1, the roleplay is a blast.


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