Posted by: mrrx | June 17, 2005

Rant on Collections

The recent changes to collections deserve some discussion here – given my quest-a-holicness.

We as players have bitched and moaned since go-live about collections. Important points here include

  • Limited quests are necessary for computer resource reasons. Something like too many open, will crash your computer.
  • If you hit 50 quests, you can't accept any more.
  • Many collection quests take forever to complete, requiring a journey across Norrath, startable at level 5 and completable at 50.
  • Because of this, people were storing collection items in their banks, putting stress on their item management.
  • Heritage quests do not count towards the 50 quest limit.

And for all these reasons people ask "Can you let collection quests not count towards the 50 quest limit" ?

Sony's response is to create a cool new collections tab on the quest window – they did an awesome job with the feature, no doubt. But, suddenly collections no longer count as quests.

Why do the stupid things, if they don't count as quests ? I'm not the only questaholic, in fact I think we're the majority of players. By the time you get all the shattered bones, you are 30+ if you get them yourself, or 20ish if you buy some of them (like me). And then the reward just isn't worth it – every quest reward I've gotten I've dumped (with the exception of the Orb collection).

The real explanation is, someone messed up when coding this stuff. And they didn't realize that the new code wouldn't let the collection quests count as quests in the stats tracked on EQ2Players. Something about a whole new engine to handle collections. Now the Sony staff are calling them "not quests", and have said in so many words they don't plan to fix it.

Now really, if it's displayed in the quest window – it's a quest. Don't try and tell me that the quest window includes some things which count as quests, and some things which are "Collection Tasks" or whatever. Sony, you guys messed up – please fix your mistake. I'm not doing any more collections until you do.


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