Posted by: mrrx | June 16, 2005

White recipes for the win !

Tezcatlipocca : 22 alchemist, 1% XP. I bought all the oddball herbs from the broker for 2cp each, and made a bunch of liquids to get my level. The XP flowed fast and furious, and I had three "failures" in that the liquid I was making, came out normal instead of pristine. No problem – the next one was pristine for the bonus.

After hitting 22, the recipes blued out, and the XP wasn't worth making a bunch of stuff to sell back to the vendor. My new recipes for that level were more complex, so I abandoned this thinking and went back to workshop tasks.

Got a scroll task from Ironforge, and a rune task from the workshop, so have tasks I can perform. But I'm still trying to figure out what I can make to sell on the broker. Probably a good strategy is to pick something where I can change one ingredient, or even none, and just make one of each and see what sells. Like a group of runes or essences. I also looked at mana regen potions and decided to go back to Thundering Steppes and harvest some more.

All this, in about a one-hour gaming session. Not bad at all.

Hatereaper : How do you decide what game to play ? Me, I think I'm unique tonight. My start menu recent list is quite long, and the Test Server icon was about to scroll off the bottom, so I started it up to keep it on the list. I mean, who wants to navigate deep in the start menu ?

Hatereaper still has his issue with not enough money. Had him complete some quests, trying to earn money to afford the 2gp bags available on the broker. He didn't even break 30 silver but you take what you can get. I ran through the quests quickly but I believe I completed 5 easy ones.

Ran him out to the Commonlands and tried to get to the Ghostly Orcs. The wild dogs are in the way, and yellow cons, so that isn't going to work. And it was late by this time so I logged off.


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