Posted by: mrrx | June 15, 2005

Tradeskills – Part 4

Tezcatlipocca : Ding 21 alchemist, 5% XP. Finished off my scrolls and turned them in for writ completion. They weren't difficult at all, which was just as expected.

I got a new writ, and got a surprise. So I'm level 20, and an alchemist. I figured my task would have to involve, well, alchemy. Right? Except I was wrong. My task was to make 10 tanned hides, which apparently is an outfitter to tailor function. There's no way I'm buying those extra books for both of these skills, not when it hardly involves alchemy at all. So with that I was done with tasks for the night.

Really now – it's a tradeskill writ. It should focus on your tradeskill. If it's working based on level, ie the program determines I get a level 19 recipe, it should be focused on my prior specialization and give me a scholar recipe. Not a tailor recipe.

Next I went to the broker and took a look at what things I could sell, and how much I could get for them. Got a few ideas but nothing solid; I did put all my task supplies on the market and will see what happens there.

A guildy kindly gave me a nice adept spell, asking for nothing in return – I went ahead and made some mana regen potions for him. Talk about a twofer – I don't want to be a taker and accomplished that, plus continued forward with tradeskill experience.

Then I realized I could make all those recipes for tier 3 herbs, and turn them into emulsions, liquify, etc. When I checked the recipes, they were even, and so that sounds like a good source of XP. Make a white recipe, with vitality, and get the first pristine bonus. And indeed it was – dinged 21 on the next to last attempt. Dumped them onto the vendor and logged for the night.

Next step – buy tier 3 herbs and make emulsions. Might bring me all the way to 22, and they won't cost more than two copper apiece on the broker. And see about tier 3 mana regeneration potions, and how my stuff sold.


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