Posted by: mrrx | June 10, 2005

Tradeskill Tenacity, Day Two

Tezcatlipocca : 19 scholar now, with maybe 3% XP. Not as much fun as last night, but I still completed one writ and am ready to begin a workshop task. The night was mainly taken up making stroma washes etc, and then the iron gual ink. Logged off in front of the engraving table; hope I can do it without much trouble.

I had special events happen to me three times. Twice I got the event "Alchemists Insight", the "?" one, which speeds up progress and durability, and gives you a buff that lasts around 8 minutes. Since it's a buff, I figured it would last even if you log out, as I did have to log out during last night's session – but I was wrong. Come back in, and no buff. Bummer! Still, nice to have these things happen considering all the stuff which can go wrong.

I also got another event whose name escapes me (the flask one), but I want more of these. I instantly completed the iron gual ink I was working on – it was about 3/4 of the way done anyway – plus I got *two* of the inks for the price of one. Cool stuff that. What I'll do with a single extra I don't know but it can't hurt.

Now one level away from Alchemist.


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