Posted by: mrrx | June 9, 2005

Tradeskill Tedium

Tezcatlipocca : 18 scholar with 50% TS XP. Tonight, the entire session was spent on tradeskilling. It was more interesting than I thought.

Two tradeskill writs I'm trying to complete – one for a scroll, and one for an essence. This means huge numbers of subcombines, and a confusing time figuring out what I need and what I don't. So right away I decided to make 20 of each component, even though I only need 10, and have any remainder set aside for the next set of tasks.

Step 1 – Iron Gual Ink. Making 20 of these things takes a mind-numbingly long time. Not that they're difficult, I could do them unattended, but it takes a very long time. Even though you have your WORTS ready, you need to make :
Trinoid Reagent, which allows
Iron Gual Dye, which allows
Iron Gual Ink
And after quite a long time I got finished.

Step 2 – Maple Quills. Not quite as difficult but still takes a while. Why do you make maple lumber, and get scraps; then turn that gigantic piece of maple lumber into a quill, and get no scraps? Someone didn't think that part through. And it doesn't help that I'm a scholar, so making these isn't my strongest suit. The good news being, I'm now maxed on my woodworking skills.

Step 3 – Cailum Paper. Did you know that you make paper using a saw? I didn't. I guess you take that lumber and slice it rrrreeeallllly thin.

And with that, I'm ready to start the meat of the tradeskilling. Oh, by the way, ding 18 just to get to that point.

The essences went by without a hitch. Whatever that is imagined to be exactly, you create it on the chemistry table. I keep forgetting that alchemists make both potions, and essences for fighters.

And then came the most fun I've ever had tradeskilling – making the freeze spell scrolls.

Now I believe I made one batch of scrolls before. Scrolls use the engraving table, which the alert reader will notice I have not touched at all in this tradeskilling session. And it turns out I have a skill of about 30 out of 91 in using the engraving table. In other words, Tez really sucks at making scrolls. And he needs to make Apprentice III scrolls, which I can guarantee he's never made at this difficulty level.

So I begin to make the first scroll. I lose a quality level very quickly, and find myself with a potential AppIII spell only, but with no progress made. Level gone, no progress, time to work on durability and hope you complete it eventually.

And I spend, no joke, about 10 minutes finishing this scroll. I get some progress, and some durability, slowly and step by step. Then I get a failure that wipes out the progress and reduces durability a lot. Back to slowly building up, and getting everything wiped out. Sure looked like I would never complete it, but ultimately I did get tiny bits of progress each time as well as skillups in my engraving skills.

Ebb and flow, bob and weave, manage your mana carefully, and fight the engraving table, never for a second letting it see you sweat as your quill moves furiously over the page, slowly getting the correct runes enscribed, and powering up at every opportunity to keep durability up. And then, it happens – I complete the scroll.

Whew. One down, 9 to go.

And I fight the battle again, a bit less than ten minutes – now my engraving skill is higher after all, and I'm ready even on the first combine for what happens. And it's long, it is definitely a fight, it's stressful in a good way, and I have a ball.

Eventually, it's extremely late and I'm done. I make all ten with no failures. In fact, I've had one failure all night, made one non-pristine iron gual ink, which I was able to use anyway, so I'll count myself lucky. Do the turnins for both items, and get new tasks – once again, one essence and one scroll. But now I've gained a full level so I hope the final combine is easier.

Deal with business and selling, and log off. I wish I had been able to be on earlier – guild did "writ night", but they scheduled it way too early in the night for me to participate. Ah well – next time. I got one writ done anyway.


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